The Collection

Shown here is the paintings that Juane Xue has been collecting for 40 years. You can trace back to her path of artistic development.

What makes a painter different from other people? Cézanne’s answer is most succinct and lucid: “Il parlait en couleurs.”  One who speaks in colors—This, I think, best defines a true painter.

Juane Xue, a woman who had lived for over thirty years in China before moving to the Netherlands. In her works, the variety of color is a feast for the viewer’s optical senses, and, at the same time, the paintings are crystal-clear and harmonious, immersing you in a pure, fulfilling, other-worldly aesthetic joyousness. She was not an ordinary woman born into this world to make a living, she was born to paint, a genius destined to tell of her lived experiences in colors.

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