Juane Xue (1962) was born in Kaifeng China. She graduated in 1982 at the Art Department of Henan University on Western painting. She became a teacher, taught painting in China.

She visited the Netherlands 2001 for cultural exchanges and stay in The Netherlands..

She is a talented and versatile artist. She turned quickly as a small token miracle. She has a unique style and uses intense colors so that they know how to create a bright color world. This is clearly reflected in her series “Abandoned tables”, in which we see in sizzling colors on a big table full of glasses and bottles bathed in sunlight. Juane Xue herself characterizes these paintings because of the unique and original topics like “moving still life.” People who have seen these paintings say everything ‘full of light and love “is. As Juane Xue briefly summarize – “Color is my greatest wealth.”

Although the work of Juane Xue apparently stands in a Western tradition, this only applies to the way it portrays reality. The hidden meaning of the work is rather a relationship with the Chinese philosophy, where the form refers to Western painting and content Oriental. She embarks on the cutting edge of these opposites.

Her works have been showed in many museums of the world.