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march 17  till June 19


As for Kenne Gregoire…

Kenne Grégoire calls himself a realistic painter. With fine brushstrokes he conjures up one scene after another: set tables, crammed cupboards, lavish flower arrangements, colorful companies and characteristic heads. Every work from Kenne’s hands seems to be a declaration of love for realistic painting.
However, it doesn’t stop there. Just imagining reality is not enough for Kenne. Many people in his paintings are dressed in striking masks and costumes. More often than not, his table still lifes have a special distortion in perspective that is reminiscent of the Van Eyck brothers. His compositions are careful, but never stiff.
He paints partygoers and ruins, wrinkled faces and rich bouquets. Sometimes playful, sometimes thoughtful. Always with special care for detail. And always, always different.

Kenne Grégoire may call himself a realistic painter, but his style is a household name in itself – and always a feast for the eyes.