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De Kunstsalon

De Kunstsalon was founded in 2018 and consists of eight artists. They paint every month in National Gallery Color House. Each has its own theme and style. Most importantly, they tell their stories on the canvas. They work from the same source of inspiration: Realism. Their works are regularly exhibited at National Gallery Color House.
This is their first exhibition.

De Kunstsalon members:

• Juane Xue
• Fons Asselbergs
• Vera Asselbergs
• Paul van der Smaal
• Maritza Voorbach
• Henk van den Broek
• Netty Vromen
• Maria Noordman

Invited to participate in the exhibition:
• Alie van de Wolfshaar with ceramic statues
• Marian Halbersma with “papier-maché” statues