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Guided Tours

If you plan to go out one day or you are an art lover / architect lover, visit National Gallery The Netherlands in Amersfoort is an ideal choice. Amersfoort is located exactly in the middle of the Netherlands and is perhaps the most versatile city in the country. With the historic city, museums, culture and art, there is something for every visitor to discover. National Gallery The Netherlands is one of the most important museums in Amersfoort. If you sign up for a guided tour, our guide will first take you to discover Kleurhuis. Kleurhuis is not only special in terms of its shape, its balcony, curtains are also the works of art that are integrated throughout the building. Then, if you want, the guide will accompany you to enjoy the art exhibitions of Juane Xue and other artists. Then you can walk past Kleurhuis to walk through the park to other places in the city center..


No readings are scheduled due to corona


For groups of 6 people and by appointment there are a guided tour on:
– building and explanation about architecture design building.
– about architecture and present art
The costs are respectively € 5 and € 10 per person excluding admission fee.

For more information

You can contact us, email or tel: +31 (0)33 465 1617 (only during opening hours).

The National Gallery The Netherlands is located in the Kleurhuis. The Kleurhuis is a modern, detached building in the Heiligenbergerbeek park in Amersfoort. She is known for her unique architectural design and many colors. Keurhuis is one of the works of art by artist Juane Xue. It is exuberant and enjoyable to stay in the beautiful colorful world of Juane.
This combination of National Gallery Nederland and Kleurhuis attracts many visitors from all over the world.


National gallery The Netherlands considers accessibility to all visitors important and is therefore easily accessible for wheelchairs, rollators, strollers. There is a disable toilet.