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Exhibition: 100 times Juane Xue

Juane Xue comes from China, a talented and versatile artist, characterized by an original style and intensive use of color. She sees an interaction of colors in everything; still lifes, interiors, human interaction, cityscapes, cafes and everyday objects can inspire her. However, with every painting she uses light and shadow to express her artistic vision. She uses her own color techniques to create specific spaces, depths and a radiant color world. This is especially demonstrated in her series ‘Abandoned tables’, in which large tables full of glasses and bottles are show bathing in sunlight and in shimmering colors. Juane Xue herself calls these canvases, because of the unique and original subject, ‘moved still lifes’. People, who have seen these paintings, say that everything is full of light and love. As Juane Xue briefly summarizes: ‘Color is my greatest wealth’.
The exhibition includes her permanent collection of one hundred paintings from 1990-2020 inviting the visitor to enjoy the sun and nature together with the artist.

The value of my life
Is to meet you
Continuation of my life
Is to come together with you

Juane Xue